About us

Welcome to Gigatech Online!

We're a new Gaming Orientated online retailer that is built to help gamers and PC enthusiasts get the best hardware at the best possible price!


Your probably wondering "Are we legit"?

Our answer is Yes! We're an e-commerce site that works aside Gigatech Gaming (You can find them at https://gigatechgaming.com) and both are operationally and financially backed by our parent company Gigatech Advantage (You can find them at https://gigatechadvantage.com).

So you can ensure we offer the same great quality throughout all of our platforms! 

What does Gigatech Online do to stand out?

We have a road map to offer a better shopping experience everyday, but for now you can take advantage of great services like fast and free shipping! We will also have plenty of coupon codes going out to all Gigatech Gaming customers and everyone who is signed up to our mailing list!

Along with these benefits, we offer our Loyalty program that helps our customers save money by giving you $1 for every $10 you spend with us!


We hope you enjoy the experience we're offering so far and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime at admin@gigatechonline.us